This Brilliant Talk Explains The Science Behind Rick And Morty

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Rick and Morty

Get Schwifty – and maybe learn a few things – at Science(ish): The Science of Rick and Morty.

Plenty of films and TV shows explore the limitless possibilities of science, but none do it with quite the irreverence, humour, and sheer WTF intensity of Rick and Morty. Sure, you’re most likely to end an episode chortling and frantically sharing Pickle Rick memes, but there’s a whole lot of fascinating scientific concepts underpinning the show that are well worth exploring. That’s where the latest Fever TalkScience(ish): The Science of Rick and Morty – comes in! It’s more heavenly than a bar of Simple Rick’s, and guaranteed to teach you a thing or two. You can find your tickets here, or read on for more info…

Rick and Morty

Your speakers for the evening are TV presenter and low-key science nerd Rick Edwards, and Dr Michael Brooks, a writer and consultant for New Scientist magazine. Together, the duo present popular science podcast Science(ish), which delves into the science behind popular culture – and now they’re bringing their investigation of Rick and Morty to Bethnal Green’s Genesis Cinema, on March 25th.

Rick and Morty

Is multidimensional travel possible? How about the existence of alien life? And can you really encounter copies of yourself in this universe? All of these questions and more will be tackled at this witty and engaging talk, so please move with the speed of Birdperson and get your tickets here!

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In fact, it’s not the only intriguing insight Fever Talks are offering you into the world of science. Why not pop along to learn all about dark matter? Or finally wrap your head around the concepts of quantum physics? Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to use science to become a more creative person? Quite frankly, it’s a brilliant opportunity to fill your head with all sorts of knowledge, so don’t pass this option up!

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