These Thought-Provoking Online Talks Are Here To Enlighten You

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These Thought-Provoking Online Talks Are Here To Enlighten You

Everything from parallel universes to the psychology of serial killers is covered in these fascinating online Fever Talks.

We all started 2020 with the best of intentions, but whilst the pandemic and lockdown might have scuppered some of them, there’s still plenty of time to complete one New Year’s resolution: by learning something new! If you’re looking for a way to be more enlightened, engaged, and wise, then our friends at Fever have the answer. They’ve launched a range of amazing online Fever Talks, each themed around an eye-opening, intriguing new subject.

With the help of engaging topics, expert speakers, and a burning desire for knowledge, these talks are perfect for those with a curious mind. Check out the table before for dates and times, and find out more about some of our favourite talks below – Fever will be running online talks during November, before bringing these exciting events back to London venues in the new year.

Here are a few of our favourites that you can enjoy from home!

1. How The Mind Heals The Body

Fever Talks

We’re always told ‘mind over matter’, but how true is that insistence? Can one literally think one’s self better? It happens more often than you’d think, from the little tricks we use everyday to the ways pharmaceutical companies ‘hack’ our brains to help their pills have a greater impact. Grab your tickets here and find out more.

2. The Science of Parallel Universes

Fever Talks

Personally, I think this world is complicated enough without uncovering an entire multiverse of other worlds, but the likes of Rick & Morty and Stranger Things apparently don’t agree with me. Your guide to the possibility of these infinite worlds is theoretical physicist Dr. Amelie Saintonage, though hopefully she’ll come without a portal gun and an inquisitive grandson trailing behind her… Tickets available here.

3. The Psychology of Attraction

Fever Talks Live

And finally, whilst lockdown may have rather put the skids on your dating life, we’re still investigating why we fall for the people we do. Join Professor Viren Swami to understand how we form attachments and attractions, and why this results in us choosing the partners we do. Could be pretty vital knowledge for when you dip your feet back into the dating pool, so grab your tickets here!

4. The Psychology of Psychopaths

Fever Talks

Scarily, you’ve probably encountered psychopaths without even knowing it. Specialist guest speaker Dr. Holly Andrews will give you the lowdown on the neuroscience behind psychopathy, symptoms to keep an eye out for and chilling, real-life examples. Tickets are available here.

5. The Science of Psychedelics

Fever Talks

Now this one really is a mind-altering talk… A resident psychedelic expert (dream job, IMHO) will walk you through pioneering research that includes using magic mushrooms to treat depression, as well as explaining the science behind psychedelics. Find your tickets here.

6. The Psychology of Serial Killers

Fever Talks

This talk delves into the dark and disturbing psyche of serial killers, as expert our expert Jennifer Rees looks into the motivations of killers such as┬áThe BTK Killer, Son of Sam, and the Moors Murderers. You’ll find out how serial killers are classified (with gruesome categories such as ‘lust killers’ and ‘visionary killers’ explained), and explore the nature of homicidal fantasies. It’s truly chilling stuff – get your tickets here.

Plus, a few more you’ll be able to enjoy in 2021!

7. Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression?

Fever Talks

Maybe a thought-provoking exploration of whether magic mushrooms can heal depression will pique your curiosity? With mental health even more under the microscope in these times, now is the perfect opportunity to look at how the psychedelic properties of certain mushrooms could help treat depression. This talk does just that, by exploring how our brains react to psilocybin, the compound which makes magic mushrooms magic. Could tripping really be a treatment? Find out by signing up here.

8. Quantum Physics for Beginners

Fever Talks

Daunting as it may seem, quantum physics is an exciting area of study, and one which you don’t need a physics degree to understand! Science writer Dr Michael Brooks, who co-hosts the Science(ish) podcast, will talk you through subjects as diverse as string theory, quantum computing, and even time itself. It’s unmissable stuff, so nab your tickets here.

9. Exploring the Mind of a Psychopath

Fever Talks

Forensic psychologist Minna Lyons has been studying psychopaths for years, and she poses a provocative theory: that we need psychopaths in our society. She’ll be exploring real and fictional examples of psychopaths (James Bond, no less!), and even giving you a test on the night to find out if you’re a psychopath too! Your answer – and your tickets – can be found here.

10. Science(ish): The Science of Rick and Morty

Fever Talks

You’ve seen the TV show, laughed at the jokes, and gone waayyy too far to get your hands on that sweet, sweet Mulan dipping sauce, but have you ever considered the science behind Rick and Morty? Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks have, and now the duo – who host popular science podcast Science(ish) – will be investigating the possibility of alternate realities, in an interactive show that’ll have you screaming wubba lubba dub dub by the end! Find your tickets here.

11. The Neuroscience of Addiction

Fever Talks

Addiction ranges from minor compulsions to seek out chocolate, right up to more destructive behaviour patterns with drugs and alcohol – yet certain instincts and patterns are predictable whatever your poison. Find out about the signs of addiction, coping strategies, and more at this intriguing evening. Tickets available here.

See the full range of talks here.

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