This Scary Map Of London Reveals Our City’s Horrible Past

Scary Map London Ghosts

London has a dark and bloody history – and this map reveals some of the grisliest historic locations in the city.

Whether you’re looking for a haunted tube station or a medieval execution site, Impero‘s Grim Map of London has your creepy curiosities covered. Discover whether your neighbourhood was the site of a mysterious murder, if your street was once a den of Victorian iniquity, or if your local pub has been brushed by the icy, unspeakable fingers of the supernatural.

Haunting Map of London

For instance, merely a stone’s throw from Secret London HQ in Camden, we find murder most foul. Samuel Furnace (an apt name, as you’re about to see) faked his own death by setting fire to his landlord’s garden shed – with the corpse of poor Walter Spatchett hidden inside, clutching Furnace’s supposed suicide note.

Murders, hauntings, oddities, and the occult all populate the map, and it includes some notorious crimes. Whitechapel bears the crosses marking victims of Jack the Ripper, whilst names like Oliver Cromwell, Lord Lucan, and Guy Fawkes can be found elsewhere  across town. Soho and Covent Garden seem to be areas of peak grimness, although dark deeds crop up all over town – check out one of the Hyde Park crosses for a murder that ended with a head in the Thames…

Shiver-inducing stuff – nice fog effects, too! Check out the full map here.

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