This Cute Instagram Account Is Following Santa Claus Around London

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus has, in fact, come to town.

In the course of making a list and checking it twice, Santa Claus has come for a little nosey around London. Whilst he ascertains who’s naughty and nice, adorable Instagram account @santaclauslondon has been tracking his movements, and the results are simply charming. [Featured image: @santaclauslondon]

Clearly taking a little R&R before his round-the-world trip in *checks calendar* eighteen days, Santa has been hitting all the popular spots. He’s been spotted lounging around Covent Garden

…window cleaning in Bond Street

…and even checking out the Regent Street angels.

It’s a sure sign that Christmas is calling!

But whilst everybody’s waiting for the man with the bag, Santa Claus is just living his best ‘gram life.

Santa Claus London is a collaboration between popular London Instagrammers, Neil Andrews, Dimitar Hristov and Des Curran. 2020 is the fourth year they’ve caught Santa on camera, so the big man clearly enjoys London in December.

It’s really rather charming, isn’t it? (Especially when combined with Bond Street’s magical Christmas lights!)

The cute account is only raising our excitement levels ahead of the big day. Thank God it’s just around the corner!

Give Santa a follow to see where he ends up next, and don’t forget to check out London’s dazzling Christmas lights displays!

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