Bond Street’s Peacock-Inspired Christmas Lights Are Back And Better Than Ever

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Bond Street Christmas lights

There’s peacocking and then there’s the Bond Street Christmas lights…

It’s not officially Christmas until Halloween is done and dusted and London’s Christmas lights flood the skies. If there’s anything this city knows how to do, it’s celebrate the festive season in style. London’s luxury shopping district, Bond Street, has recently undergone quite the glittering makeover and it’s a sight for sore eyes. The legendary peacock-inspired Bond Street Christmas lights are back this year and the beautiful feathers are already spreading Christmas cheer to passersby. [Featured image: @bondstreet]

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If you’re wondering how many individual lights it took to complete the display, rumour has it there are around 250,000! Peacocks may not spring to mind when you think of Christmas but these twinkling lights are as festive as they come, and they were actually inspired by Bond Street’s vibrant past.

In the late 18th century, young men known as ‘The Bond Street Loungers’, frequented the area in overly ostentatious attire, according to the designers. They soon “became the early fashionistas or ‘peacocks’ of their day.” The endless rows of feathers found along Bond Street are therefore, a lovely nod to the fashion icons that walked the street back in the day. These dapper men clearly took peacocking to a whole other level.

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Even though we are in lockdown 2.0, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting one of the most iconic light displays in the capital. These lights illuminate the whole street and anyone in their presence, it’s truly magical. And while they’re technically white, they also radiate a beautiful blue hue at times. There are several dazzling displays in London right now but Bond Street’s is not one to miss!

I guess it’s true what they say, birds of a feather really do flock together…

And just a stone throw away you’ll find Regent Street’s stunning Christmas lights!

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