Royal Mail Set To Begin Using Drones To Deliver Parcels In New Trial

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Royal Mail Set To Begin Using Drones To Deliver Parcels In New Trial

One small step for mail, one giant leap for drone-kind.

In the most futuristic piece of news so far this week, Royal Mail has revealed it will trial the use of drones for their deliveries. The postal service will test the use of the flying drones to deliver health and safety equipment, Covid tests and other items to the Isles Of Scilly. [Featured Image: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock].

According to Royal Mail, this will mark the first time that an out-of-sight, autonomous scheduled drone flight has been used between the UK mainland and an island. The trial will also feature in-island deliveries on the Isles Of Scilly.

Parcels will arrive at the islands’ airport by the drones, which can carry parcels weighing up to 100kg. Then, smaller drones will take on the job of delivering the packages around the island.

Royal Mail has said that if the trial proves successful, they will look to introduce drone deliveries across the UK as a means to support postmen and postwomen.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: “The UK is already a world leader when it comes to innovation in aviation and today’s announcement is an exciting step forward for Royal Mail.

“The Future Flight Challenge is offering real-life solutions for significant issues such as public health, by bringing together innovative technologies. This is crucial as we look to build back better and tackle climate change.”

So, who knows? Before long you could be answering the door to a friendly ol’ drone.

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