You’ll Be Able To Dine In An Igloo At A Bridgerton Filming Location This Summer

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Queen's House dining domes

Get a taste for the Regency life with the new Queen’s House dining domes.

As if the igloos/dining domes hype wasn’t enough, the Queen’s House in Greenwich is adding a little hint of Bridgerton into this potent mixture. The UNESCO World Heritage Site will welcome swish new dining domes this summer, and they’ll just happen to sit in front of the stately manor that’s appeared in Netflix’s hit series. So, if you love the scandalous exploits of the society papers, and upmarket dining inside a comfy bubble, you’re just going to love these.

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Queen's House dining domes

The dining domes will be laid out on the immaculate lawns of the Queen’s House, the “house of delights” built specially for Anne of Denmark, the wife of James I. Opening to the public on May 7, these dashing domes allow you to dine like royalty, with lunch, dinner, and Royal afternoon tea menus all available. Each dome can accommodate six guests, and plenty of salacious gossip about the misdeeds of your peers (we’re sticking with the Bridgerton theme here).

Aside from giving you a taste of Regency living, the domes also command rather charming views of the London skyline and River Thames, so they’ll do nicely for non-Bridgerton folks too. They’re currently bookable from May 7 – 31, and are open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; find out more and make a booking on their website.

Meanwhile, Somerset House has their own set of rival dining domes for the summer.

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