‘Push For Champagne’ Buttons Are Coming To The Eurostar

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Eurostar will now whizz you to Paris with fizz in hand.

Some trends really should be consigned to the dustbin of history, like that perplexingly stupid trend of wearing a bumbag under your armpit (seriously, why is everyone doing this right now?). Amongst the trends we’d be very happy to see spread, meanwhile, are the push for booze buttons that have been popping up recently; first at Bob Bob Ricard and its new sister site, then with a dangerous Jäger twist at the new MEATliquor joint. Now, Eurostar are getting in on the game, with fabulous fizz merely a fingertip away.

To celebrate the upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary of the train service, Eurostar have decided that only champagne will suffice, and ordering it via button is the only appropriate way to get it. To save themselves the trouble of installing the buttons on every train, however, they’ve plumped for the high-tech solution of creating an app, which features said button.

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Eurostar)

It’ll be available every Friday in August – although only 25 passengers per train will be able to nab a glass. You’ll also need to be travelling on one of three trains – the 5:01pm London-Paris train, the 5:13pm Paris-London train, or the 5:16pm London-Amsterdam train – if you want the bubbly. Should you meet all these requirements, you could be getting the free – yes, they’re in a generous mood – champers, which will take that Eurostar trip from Fancy to Extra Fancy.

Handily, for the rest of us unlikely to be blessed by the gods of fortune, Eurostar do permit you to bring alcohol aboard, so you’ll be able to get your train buzz on in no time.

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