London’s Newest Burger Joint Will Have A ‘Poke For Jäger’ Button

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Things are going to get messy at the new MEATliquor.

Have you ever seen us write about the ‘press for champagne’ restaurant and thought “well that’s cool, but it isn’t exactly me”? Well, perhaps this will be a little more up your street, as the magnificently mad folks at MEATliquor are opening a new Oxford Circus restaurant with a ‘poke for Jäger’ button. Let the games begin!

Photo: @meatgram

Located just down the road from their old Marylebone joint, the new MEATliquor sounds absolutely lethal. Always renowned for their cocktails, they’re cranking things up a notch by serving them in a range of sizes – from the restrained half-litre version, to a frankly ludicrous THREE LITRE cocktail that’ll probably have you on the floor in no time.

Yep, this guys are really committed to indulgent drinking. Photo: @meatgram

Really, restraint isn’t going to be an option when the likes of the Muay Thai May Tai (Bacardi, orange and pineapple cuacao, lemongrass and almond syrup with a Woods 100 overproof float) and Bad Temperance (Jack Daniels, apple liqueur, tamarind, mint, and apple juice) are on the menu. Throw in those downright dangerous ‘poke for Jäger’ buttons on every table, and their sinfully good range of boozy milkshakes, and you’ve got the recipe for a messy night.

Photo: @cleggyeats

Such is the delightfully daunting nature of the boozy offerings that we’re only just now mentioning the food. MEATliquor’s usual lineup of burgers – including the cult favourite Dead Hippie – will be in residence, along with a coma-inducing range of chicken, hot dogs, fries (in seven different varieties), vegan dishes, and sides. Throw in a late-night licence and a stage, and you’ve got a spot that’ll endlessly fulfil MEATliquor’s promise: “Come Hungry, Leave Drunk”.

MEATliquor W1 opens on June 4th, and you’ll find it at 37-38 Margaret Street, Marylebone, W1G 0JF.

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