Pubs Without Beer Gardens Can Use Car Parks And Terraces For Outdoor Drinking

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Takeaway pints

The government has clarified the rules around outdoor drinking.

If you’re hoping to pop down to your local on April 12 but are worrying about the lack of a true beer garden there, then some good news emerged this week. It’s been confirmed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government that last summer’s rules about serving alcohol outdoors – including on terraces and in car parks – will be brought back when lockdown restrictions begin to ease this spring, allowing us more outdoor space to sip pints and catch up with pals.

The extension of a pub’s license to include car parks, terraces, and other outdoor spaces on the premises significantly increases the amount of outdoor drinking space available, and could prove crucial to keeping many pubs afloat after an extremely tough year. It’s a similar scheme to the West End outdoor dining plan that’s been confirmed for this summer, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for pleasant weather to encourage people outdoors.

Plans are also afoot to make it easier for pubs and bars to apply for pavement and street café licenses, a vital consideration in places like Central London, where space is at a premium and most pubs lack a car park or terrace. Meanwhile, it’s already been confirmed that takeaway pints will be permitted from April 12, and controversial rules from last year – including the 10pm curfew and the ‘substantial meal’ rule – have been scrapped. We can almost taste that freshly-pulled pint already…

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