‘Substantial Meal’ Rule For Pubs And Bars ‘To Be Scrapped’ As Lockdown Measures Ease

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Boris Johnson calls for the ‘substantial meal’ rule to be removed for pubs post-lockdown.

According to reports, pubs, bars, and restaurants are unlikely to reopen in England before May. As tough as that pill may be to swallow for those of us that lovely a cheeky pint at our local, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure you’ll all remember the ‘substantial meal’ rule that prevented pubs and bars from serving alcohol unless it was alongside food. It looks like this rule will be completely scrapped once and for all when lockdown restrictions ease.

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Prior to the third national lockdown, England faced Tier 2 restrictions for several weeks. Under these regulations, pubs and bars had to close unless they could essentially operate as a restaurant. This was an attempt to prevent punters from getting drunk and completely disregarding the social distancing rules in place. Customers were therefore required to purchase food with any alcoholic beverages during this period.

Substantial Meal
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However, the measure became increasingly controversial due to the subjectivity of the term ‘substantial meal’ and the colossal food wastage that ensued. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now officially ordered for the rule to be removed once the lockdown restrictions are eased and pubs can reopen, reports The Times.

A review is scheduled for February 22, whereby Johnson will reveal his roadmap out of lockdown for England. This will include dates for when schools and high street shops can open their doors, as well as pubs, bars, and restaurants. Reports suggest that outdoor markets and al fresco dining are likely to be given the green light ahead of indoor meals, but only time will tell.

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