The Whitechapel Pub With 80 Different Ciders • The Stable

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The Whitechapel Pub With 80 Different Ciders • The Stable

If you’re a cider fan, you’ve been going to all the wrong places…

…unless you’ve been going here, of course. The Stable in Whitechapel offers over 80 ciders behind the bar, and the staff know all there is to know about them. Sweet, dry, cloudy, crisp… they’ve got it all, and then some. If you want an 8.9% alc. cider, they’ve got it. And if you want to try our favourite, ask for a Beesting. (If you like it sweet, ask for a Beesting with a mango top – you won’t regret it).

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The best thing to do at The Stable, apart from taking a blind guess and pointing cluelessly at the back bar, is to ask for a tasting board. This is a carefully selected, erm, selection of five 1/3 pints picked by the master Stablehands. So you’ll get to sip on a quintuplet of ciders, all of which’ll be quite different. For just £8, this is the best way to discover a huge range of different ciders at different strengths and sweetnesses. Just don’t expect to like them all…

And it’s not all about the ciders at The Stable, they also do exceedingly good pizzas. We’re talking jerk chicken pizzas, lamb and sweet potato pizzas, potato and blue cheese pizzas, mackerel and salmon pizzas, and pulled beef and bacon pizzas. All cooked on a delicious sourdough base. ‘Boring’ is certainly not a word you will ever associate with The Stable. (We’re not saying you’ll get judged for ordering a margherita, but just know that we think your decision is wrong.)

There’s also great news for vegans and gluten-avoiders, because there are pizzas for you lot too… 

Amongst the pizzas and ciders on the seemingly never-ending menu, you’ll also find some cracking pies, salads and lunchtime wraps. They’ve also got a banging cheese board and a tasty selection of desserts. Oh and, because we like you, here’s some important intel: if you head to The Stable on a Tuesday, you’ll get a pizza, a side salad and a drink for just £10. You can thank us later…

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The Stable used to be a legendary gig venue called Rhythm Factory, playing host to the likes of The Libertines and various House and Techno DJs, but it sadly closed back in 2015. In honour of its history, The Stable hosts some excellent live bands to add a backing track to your scoffing and sipping. Have a look at what’s going on here.

You’ll find The Stable at 16-18 Whitechapel Road, E1 1EW

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