Pokemon Are Under Threat In London As They’re Told To ‘Go Home’

If you were thankful that the Pokemon GO hype had died down a bit, we’ve got some sad news for you. It seems like last week, Pokemon were causing a stir around London town again. You may have spotted these posters out and about, telling ‘illegal Pokemon’ to ‘go home…



Although in our slightly insane world, the idea of a group wanting to boot a gang of raucous Bulbasaurs out of the country is almost believable, the posters were not to be taken at face value. It was, in fact, a group of campaigners playing upon the recent phenomenon in order to draw attention to their petition. They’re aiming to raise awareness and start a conversation surrounding the post-Brexit consequences of EU Nationals losing their right to work in the UK. For more information about their campaign (and not illegal Pokemon) visit pokemon-go-home.com.

Featured image credit: Twitter @aarathiprasad

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