Pleesecakes Are Delivering All The Tools To Make Their Jaw-Dropping Cheesecakes At Home

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Pleesecakes Are Delivering All The Tools To Make Their Jaw-Dropping Cheesecakes At Home

Yes Pleesecakes! These cheesecakes are so good, the Queen once had one delivered for her birthday.

Yes, these are the crème de la crème of desserts, certified by Her Majesty the Queen. And, in what is possibly some the best news of the lockdown, you can now make these mouth-watering cheesecakes from home.

Just look at them…

Pleesecakes went live on YouTube today to spill all the secrets about how to create these beauties—and they have launched their Build Your Own At Home (BYOAH) DIY kits for fans.

You can choose between two of their signature cheesecakes to make at home, and each will serve 8-10 hungry sweet-toothed kings or queens.

  • Fully Loaded BYOAH: Double chocolate base & salted caramel filling Pleesecake, milk chocolate ganache, Oreo, Biscoff and mini fudge piece crumb and toppings including; Cadbury’s Flakes, Oreos, Nestlé Caramac, Cadbury’s Wispa Gold, Cadbury’s Twirl, Cadbury’s Oreo bar, Cadbury’s Fudge.
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix BYOAH: Plain digestive base & vanilla filling Pleesecake, white chocolate ganache and toppings including; White Mice, Drumsticks, Rainbow Belts, Strawberry Belts, Flying Saucers, Strawberry Laces, White Jazzies, Haribo Starmix, Giant Strawbs, Teeth & Lips and Cola Bottles.

We can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to make these and send your quarantine kitchen game into overdrive, to be honest. We’ll certainly be scrambling to make the Fully Loaded as soon as the tools reach us!

You can request the tools to build these monsters right here. Each box is priced at £30 and they should be with you within three days. Head to the Pleesecakes YouTube Channel for each tutorial.

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