Papa John’s Is Opening A Swedish Bakery In London And Frankly We’re Confused

April Curtin April Curtin


Your favourite American pizza chain is opening ‘Pappa Johan’s’ in Notting Hill this weekend.

They knew we loved their take-away pizza after a big Saturday night, so naturally they thought, ‘Let’s open a minimalistic, Nordic bakery in an affluent London district for the weekend’.

Don’t worry, we’re already as lost as you are.

Pappa Johan's cinnamon scrolls bakery london

Pappa Johan’s (yes, Pappa Johan’s) will open its doors to Londoners this Friday, ‘with the scent of cinnamon flowing through the doors and tray after tray of scrolls fresh out the oven’. We were happy with the scent of cheesy garlic bread and box after box of wedges and wings, but suppose we can’t knock it before we’ve tried it.

Situated in the famously Nordic setting of Notting Hill (🤔), just a stone’s throw away from the tranquil Portobello Road, the ‘hipster’ bakery will be taking a minimalistic and Nordic approach in its menu as well as its décor, serving only one type of sweet treat – Cinnamon Scrolls.

Pappa Johan's free scrolls

Inspired by the Swedish treat ‘kanelsnegl’, they will be made using fresh dough, a sweet cinnamon filling and a generous drizzle of icing (unfortunately no option for BBQ base and extra jalapeños on this one).

Yes it’s strange and we don’t quite understand why, but everyone gets a free portion of scrolls so we’re not complaining.

Pappa Johan's bakery

And if they do manage to pull off the switch from pizza to pastries, these naughty Nordic treats will be available to order on top of our usual pizza delivery. Win-win!

It’s certainly a far cry from the large pizza, two sides and a drink that we’re used to, but it’s an intriguing move from old Papa J to say the least. They make good pizza, let’s just hope their baking skills live up to their doughy reputation.

You’ll find Pappa Johan’s at 95 Golborne Road, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5NL. It’ll be open from 10am–4pm on Friday 6 September and Saturday 7 September. 

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