Oxford Circus Station Has Been Given A Playstation-Inspired Makeover

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To celebrate the arrival of the new PS5, Oxford Circus is sporting a rather different look to usual.

2020 is a year that’s had the twists, turns, and endless frustrations of a hard-to-beat boss battle, so this dramatic makeover of Oxford Circus station is actually quite appropriate. With the much-anticipated PS5 launching tomorrow, Playstation have teamed up with TfL to give the Oxford Circus roundels a new look. [Featured image: @transportforlondon]

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Joining the traditional red circle (not to be confused with the infamous Red Ring of Death that once plagued Xbox consoles), are Playstation’s green triangle, purple square, and blue cross, all now illuminated above Oxford Circus. It’s like we’ve entered a brave new world, one where the London Underground opted for squares rather than circles for their signage. Is it heresy to say I really like the triangular ones?


Luckily, there aren’t exactly any tourists around to be confused by the new signs, which are in place for today and tomorrow only. The change hasn’t just taken place above ground, as Oxford Circus’ tunnels, entrances, and exits have been zhushed up with the new roundels (though since they’re not circular, we can’t exactly call them that).


Meanwhile, down at the platform level, the walls of the Bakerloo, Victoria, and Central line platforms have been given the Playstation treatment. However, it’s not just Oxford Circus that’s been gripped with PS5 fever, as four other Tube stations have been temporarily renamed in line with some of Playstation’s best loved game franchises.


The four Punderground Stations (I promise you that’s their joke, not ours) are Miles End (in honour of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – a bit of a reach, this one), Ratchet and Clankaster Gate, Gran Turismo 7 Sisters, and Horizon Forbidden West Ham. Can’t say I see any of them catching on long term, but they’re here to stay until December 16, and have been decorated with characters and scenes from each game, so they’ll make a pleasant diversion during your commute.


Of course, until England’s lockdown is lifted, you’ll only be seeing these on essential journeys for now – but if you’re out and about for a necessary trip, maybe you can swing a diversion to pop along and see them. After all, they could just be the best station makeover since Picardilly Circus

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