This Fabulously Geeky Computer Game Lets You Take Control Of The Tube

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Hate Bank? Well, on Overcrowd, you can change it with the click of a mouse!

Ever get the feeling that commuting on the Underground is like some malevolent overlord is inflicting a Sims-style torture campaign upon you? Well, it’s time to flip the script with computer game Overcrowd, where you’re the person in charge of hordes of commuters. Knowing how the Central line has treated you, please be nice to them…


Designed by Squareplay Games, and cheekily billed as a ‘Commute ‘Em Up’, Overcrowd arrived last summer with a raft of Tube-based possibilities set to open up. You’re in charge of constructing the network, from excavating sites and designing stations, to laying track and designing signage. It’s a bit like Zoo Tycoon, but for integrated transport systems instead – and isn’t that just bags more fun?

With the help of your friendly station team, you’re tasked with getting travellers from A to B without the threat of delays, pollution, pickpockets, overheating, and rats. (Hey, at least there’s no chance of them getting trapped in a swimming pool with no ladder…) Even small tasks like litter collection and shop pricing are within your purview, which is a fabulous excuse to go mad with limitless power.


Honestly, Overcrowd looks like a geeky RIOT, and we’re so here for it. You can play it on Steam (find it here), and it’s either going to give you a newfound understanding and respect for TfL, or completely ruin the Tube for you forever.

All images courtesy of Squareplay Games.

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