The Central Line Is Officially Getting Air Conditioning (But Not Just Yet)

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Central Line

The Central line will still be sweltering for a while longer…

On Monday, the Central Line Twitter account held a Q&A with the good folks of London, aiming to reassure the public that London’s most notorious tube line wasn’t all that bad. Amongst the questions posed was the usual burning question (quite literally, given how hot it is down there), namely “when is the Central Line getting air conditioning?”. And finally, FINALLY, we have an answer. The Central Line will be fully air conditioned by… 2030. 2030?!

Central Line
WHAT. That’s three Olympics and two whole governments away! What’s the point of even giving us hope when most of us will have expired on the Central Line by that time? In 2030, as Sol patiently explained, the fancy new Piccadilly Line trains will be rolled out on the Central Line, and any of you still living in London then can enjoy them. People partaking in the Q&A were understandably miffed – but by that time, the Central Line Twitter account had mysteriously stopped answering… Which also meant we never got an answer to other pressing questions:

Central Line
If you’re frustrated by this news, at least console yourself with the fact that the Central Line is one of the few Underground lines to wash its seats

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