You Can Now Take A Stunning Online Tour Of Greenwich’s Glorious Painted Hall

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The Painted Hall

The Painted Hall has gone virtual.

Given that it only reopened last March, you may not have had the opportunity to head along to Greenwich’s magnificent Painted Hall before the coronavirus outbreak closed it down again a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, however, the hall has made a now-familiar pilgrimage for stunning venues, and made the journey online – meaning you can still catch a glimpse of this awe-inspiring space whilst staying safely at home!

Yes, the historic benches, beautiful windows, and above all, meticulously-painted murals of Sir James Thornhill can now be seen from an incredible virtual tour. Offering a 360-degree look at what is honestly one of London’s most jaw-dropping venues, the tour whizzes you round the Baroque masterpiece without running the risk of flouting social distancing laws.

Though it can’t truly compare to the majesty of seeing the Painted Hall in real life, there are some distinct upside to the virtual tour. For instance, without pesky gravity holding you back, the tour can whisk you up close and personal with that mesmerising ceiling, and give you the opportunity to pick out fascinating details. How do fire-breathing serpents, sparkling jewels, and bubble-blowing cherubs sound to you? Not your typical day in lockdown, is it?

The Painted Hall online tour will also furnish you with little tidbits of information about the construction, decoration, and maintenance of this absolute treasure, so you’ll be all clued up for when the lockdown ends and you can take a proper tour!

Check out the online tour here.

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