Soho’s Spiffing 1940s Cocktail Bar Is Opening A New Spot

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Jolly good news this, as Cahoots gets a companion bar.

When it comes to throwback bars, few commit quite so fully as Cahoots, the vintage Underground-themed bar hiding beneath Kingly Court. Featuring dolled-up staff members, swing music, and cocktails honouring the likes of Vera Lynn, it’s been a noted haunt of nightowls for a while now. And flushed with this success, they’re opening a sister bar this autumn, merely a stone’s throw away.

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New Cahoots
Photo: @cahootslondon

For now, the sum of our knowledge is the name – The Ticket Hall & Control Room – and the fact that it’ll be a two-storey cocktail bar. One can only hope that the whimsical touches of the original, amongst them a vintage Bakerloo line carriage reconstructed in the bar, are mimicked in the new place. Those who are super keen on a visit can book themselves a spot, as the booking system is already open – and the fact that it automatically settles on November 11th might give some hint of an opening date.

New Cahoots
Photo: @cahootslondon

So, that’s all we know about The Ticket Hall & Control Room – but the Cahoots website is excitingly listing a third venue, known as The Train Station. Could it be another bar in the offing, or simply a new section of The Ticket Hall? Sadly, we’re just as in the dark as you – after all, we’re not in cahoots with them…

The Ticket Hall & Control Room opens this autumn, location and date TBC.

Featured image: @cahootslondon

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