Netflix Are Currently Offering A Selection Of Their Original Films And TV Shows For Free

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Netflix has launched an entire page of movies and TV shows for non-subscribers to watch for free.

For those of you that don’t have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix and somehow live your life without a subscription, it’s your lucky day! Netflix has just launched a page with several of its most popular shows and films for you to stream for free. Those without a subscription can simply click this link to enjoy their free content without having to sign up or splash the cash.

Since Disney+ emerged over the last year, the company has been facing more competition than ever from rival streaming services. This new feature is an attempt to attract new subscribers, and will be accessible to those in every country where Netflix is streaming.

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Netflix told Fox Business: “We’re looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”

The TV series currently on offer are Stranger Things, When They See Us, Our Planet, Love is Blind, Elite, Boss Baby: Back in Business, and Grace and Frankie. The slight catch is that you’ll only be able to watch the first episode of each for free. The films on this page however, are all available in full length. You’ll have Bird Box, Murder Mystery and The Two Popes to choose from, which are all great choices!

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The service is not yet available on iOS browsers, although anyone using a desktop or Android browser can enjoy their content from today. There has been no indication as to how long these titles will be available for free, or whether the movies and shows will be rotated, but it’s a nice start. So, there is really no time like the present if you want to view these Netflix originals free of charge!

You can access the free-to-watch Netflix page here.