The Full Trailer For ‘Our Planet’ Has Dropped, And It’s Really Bloody Dramatic

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Our Planet

Time for another round of spectacular romps through Our Planet.

If the most interesting wildlife you see on a day-to-day basis is pigeons, you’ll probably want to pay attention to this one. The newest project from living legend Sir David Attenborough (#Attenbae), Our Planet is a 50-country trip across all seven continents, captured in Ultra High Definition for your entertainment. And yesterday, Netflix released a stirring sneak preview of the series, hinting at more spectacular scenes:

(For amazing insights into working on nature documentaries with Sir David, head to this fascinating talk from Planet Earth II director Chadden Hunter!)

Any new Attenborough project is a Big Deal, but even so, this collaboration with Netflix and the World Wildlife Fund looks set to be something special. Filmed over the course of four years, Our Planet will journey to from humid rainforests to frigid oceans, and feature incredible insights into animal behaviour and habitats, whilst addressing conservation issues throughout.

Our Planet
Whilst you may be thinking this is the usual formula for a nature programme, Our Planet takes it a little further. The series will be released with some sweet behind-the-scenes footage, and we’d put money on a charming monkeys-playing-with-cameras scene.

Our Planet

The other big change is perhaps the most sacrilegious – Sir David won’t be the only narrator on Our Planet. Before you go storming the gates of Netflix HQ, don’t panic too much; the ten other narrators are narrating the series in their native languages for local territories (including Salma Hayek for Central and South America, and Penelope Cruz for Spain).

Our Planet

Our Planet will be – rather appropriately – released globally, on April 5th. It’s not even the end of Sir David’s output for the year; he’ll be fronting the next big BBC doc One Planet, Seven Worlds later in 2019. At 92 years old, he really does put the rest of us to shame, doesn’t he?

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