Get Your Creative Juices Flowing At These Neon Life Drawing Classes

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Neon Naked Life Drawing

Life drawing takes a turn for the funky at these nifty neon sessions.

Goya, Klimt, Botticelli, Matisse: all painted nudes throughout their career. But I can guarantee you that none of them painted quite like this. At the Queen of Hoxton, you’ll find a neon naked life drawing class, which puts a gleefully psychedelic spin on the traditional format – and if you’re itching to give it a try, we’ve lined you up some tickets.

Neon Naked Life Drawing

Neon naked life drawing works thusly: the life model of choice is bedecked in UV body paint, with a hypnotic pattern of dots, drips, and brushmarks offering a rich tapestry of inspiration for you to capture. You’ll be kitted out with a drawing board and paper, and a series of neon pens, pastels, and chalk with which to create your masterpiece.

Neon Naked Life Drawing

Traditional it most certainly is not, but neon naked life drawing is a thrilling spin on the format if you’re a seasoned life drawer, and a colourful introduction if you’re a newbie. And who knows, your creation could wind up being this generation’s The Birth of Venus…

Find your tickets to neon naked life drawing classes here.

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