Shoreditch Restaurant Gloria Has Released The Recipe For Its Ludicrous Lemon Meringue Pie

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Lemon meringue pie

Gloria’s lemon meringue pie is the stuff of legend.

Lockdown is giving us a little more time to be creative in the kitchen, and happily our favourite restaurants have obliged by putting recipes for their best dishes online. Big Mamma Group, who operate gloriously OTT London restaurants Gloria and Circolo Popolare, have already done us a favour by sharing the recipe for their famous truffle pasta – and now they’re back with another favourite, the mountainous lemon meringue pie made famous by Gloria. (Featured image: @bigmamma.uk)

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Said lemon meringue pie is infamous purely for the fact that it’s a lot more “meringue” than it is “lemon” or “pie”. It’s likely to send you bouncing off the walls for the next day at least, but at least that’s something to do during lockdown!

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You can find the full list of ingredients, and a step-by-step method, in the Instagram post above (swipe right to reveal them). Good luck – and knowing how much sugar is in this thing, maybe don’t eat it all in one sitting?

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