Sip Mulled Wine And Build Gingerbread Houses At Soho’s Magical Exploratorium

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Gingerbread house

Mulled wine? Gingerbread houses? Name a better combo, I’ll wait.

As much as it’s possible to do in the year 2020, Soho’s Wands & Wizards Exploratorium is really nailing life right now. Having inaugurated the magical new venue with pumpkin carving and ‘HallowCream’, they’ve now turned their attention to Christmas in glorious fashion, with a mulled wine-fuelled gingerbread house building session that we’re extremely keen to try. Find your tickets to this fab festive event here, and read on for more.

Gingerbread house

Taking the received wisdom that combining two excellent things can only lead to greatness, the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium identified mulled wine and gingerbread houses as the two key ingredients in their potent Christmas cocktail. Once inside the Exploratorium, you’ll be given the construction materials for your gingerbread house – a kit that makes use of American-style Graham Crackers, as they’re reportedly more structurally sound. Whether you regard that as heresy or not, you’ll be able to finish your creation with royal icing and sweets to get that festive look locked down, and create a house that’ll be the envy of all.

Gingerbread house

To keep you nice and toasty during the construction process, you’ll be given your choice of winter warmer to sip on whilst mapping out your dream house. Mulled wine is on offer for those who’d like to build with a tipple in hand, and the Unicorn Hot Chocolate, topped with homemade rainbow whipped cream, is perfect for anyone who’d like to see the magic of Christmas expressed in drink form. Finally, whilst Christmas jumpers aren’t included or mandatory, we all know they’re the one missing ingredient here, so don’t be afraid to break them out.

Gingerbread house

There’s nothing quite like constructing your dream gingerbread house to get you in the mood for Christmas, and if you can do it whilst sipping mulled wine, so much the better!

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