London’s Most Stressful Underground Station Has Been Revealed

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London’s Most Stressful Underground Station Has Been Revealed

And the award for the most hellish tube station goes to…

In a study carried out by PowWowNow, King’s Cross St. Pancras was voted London’s most stressful tube station. The research considered TfL’s data of entries and exits, train delays and negative social media posts over the course of a year.

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King’s Cross St. Pancras was also the busiest station, with 97.92 million people entering and exiting the station in a year. It wasn’t very popular on social media either, nor very good at having trains leave on time – it managed to clock a total of 1,853 primary delays (delays that aren’t caused by any other disruptions).

Bank and Monument came in at a very close second on the ‘stressful’ scale, followed by Stratford and Waterloo.

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Bank had the most negative social media posts, while Victoria and King’s Cross St. Pancras came in second and third place respectively on the ‘publicly bitch and moan’ scale.

In terms of busyness, Waterloo came in just below King’s Cross St. Pancras with 91.27 million entries and exits. Claustrophobes are also recommended to avoid Oxford Circus, which snapped up third place with a similarly-but-not-quite-so-gross 84.09 million people going in and out.

The winner of Most Delayed Tube Station is somewhat of a dark horse. Acton Town came in on top with 4,432 minutes of delays, followed by north London’s Arnos Grove with 3,843. If you’re after some efficiency, it might be worth moving to Barkingside in zone 4 – it only suffered 17 minutes of delays across an entire year. Redbridge was only delayed by a total of 19 minutes, followed by Roding Valley in Essex with 22. Looks like zone 4 is the place to be, (impatient) folks. Read the full report here.

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