These Are The London Parks People Are Most Keen To Visit Now That Lockdown Has Eased

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Popular parks

Planning a park day? You might have some company, if these results are anything to go by.

You can find anything with a quick Google search, and whilst you probably don’t need one to find your closest London park, all that searching does turn up some useful info. For instance, property website Share to Buy has used all those searched to find the most popular of London’s Royal Parks: the place everyone is planning to head to now that outdoor gatherings of six people or two households are permitted. Turns out, the most popular Royal Park in London is also the biggest: Richmond Park.

Popular parks

All that space is likely to come in handy for social distancing, given that Richmond Park racked up 90,500 Google searches per month in this analysis. (I’d wager plenty of those people are also hoping for a glimpse of the gorgeous azaleas of the Isabella Plantation, which is likely to hit peak bloom in late April and early May.) There’s plenty to do around the park and local area, too!

The rest of the list is pretty unsurprising – especially since the criteria restricts the list to London’s Royal Parks. So, no place for in-demand places such as Hampstead Heath, Olympic Park, Clapham Common, or Victoria Park (which, despite being named after a queen, is not a Royal Park). Hyde Park stormed into second place with 74,000 Google searches per month, whilst Regent’s Park, St James’ Park, and Greenwich Park made up the rest of the top five most popular parks. With the weather turning a gorgeous shade of summer, and the lockdown restrictions easing, all of London’s abundant green spaces are likely to be in demand – but will you be following the crowd or heading somewhere a little less renowned?

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