Morrisons Is Giving All Employees A Huge £1K Bonus To Thank Them For Their Hard Work

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Morrisons Is Giving All Employees A Huge £1K Bonus To Thank Them For Their Hard Work

Morrisons is set to triple bonuses this year!

Following the news that budget supermarket Aldi would be giving all of their employees a 10% bonus last week, Morrisons is the latest supermarket to express their gratitude to their hardworking staff. The bonus will see staff members usual annual bonus increase threefold, with full-time employees being rewarded with £1,050 – compared to an average of £350.

The bonus comes as the supermarket chain recognises the heightened circumstances their staff have had to endure during the Coronavirus outbreak, with staff working extra hard to keep stock coming in and keep shelves replenished with fresh food to feed the nation.

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The 6% bonus will be awarded across the next 12 months, as opposed to the next 8-12 weeks, meaning Morrisons staff will be able to enjoy a little extra on their pay packet each quarter for the remainder of the year – a well-deserved reward for risking their health to keep us fed during this testing time.

Just last week, the business expanded its delivery model for those struggling to get essential groceries, launching a £35 food box that is courier delivered to allow for extra opportunities for members of the public to fill their cupboards.

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