Rustle Up A Cocktail At This Rocking Wild West Saloon

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Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon is the perfect excuse for you to yell “YEEEEEEHAWWW” every so often.

Howdy folks! Y’all best be ready to start talkin’ like a cowboy, ‘cos this here watering hole is a beaut. Moonshine Saloon has opened its doors on the Kings Road, transforming this corner of West London into the Wild Wild West from May 31st. And since it’s been created by the same team behind Alcotraz, you know this is one immersive drinking experience you don’t want to miss. Saddle up your horse, grab your tickets (courtesy of those fun-lovin’ folks at Fever), and enter the murky world of London’s moonshine empire.

Moonshine Saloon

Cowboys and cowgirls, ramblers and gamblers, and all kinds of shady characters fill the Moonshine Saloon. Leave your morals at the door, because you’ll be operating away from the prying eyes of the Sheriff. Once you step off the Kings Road, you’ll enter a scarily real-looking Wild Western street, where the Saloon’s friendly tailor will kit you out with a Stetson hat and the rest of your cowboy gear. Got to look the part if you’re going to blend in.

Moonshine Saloon

As Moonshine Saloon is dedicated to illicit hooch, you’ll also need to BYOB to get a misty taste of moonshine. The barkeeps will transform your booze into personalised cocktails, evoking a true taste of the Old West. Meanwhile, you can chance your hand at cards and dice, or delve into the immersive storyline of the Moonshine Saloon, talking to characters including King the of Moonshiners. Or maybe you simply wander round telling people that “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”. At the end of the night, you’ll need to ride for the border to escape the Sheriff, or hop on the District line, whichever takes your fancy.

Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon is basically your best chance to live a real life version of Westworld. But, you know, without those troublesome robots. It runs from May 31st to August 25th, and is open Wednesday to Saturday. Hitch up your britches, lasso your friends, and pick up a ticket today.

Tickets to Moonshine Saloon are available here – be sure to check out more of Fever’s top events.

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