An Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Coming To The South Bank

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Meet Vincent Van Gogh

Meet Vincent Van Gogh invites you to step inside the artist’s most famous works.

We were rather impressed when Tate Britain hosted their largest Van Gogh exhibition in 70 years in 2019, but something just as exciting is happening in 2020. Meet Vincent Van Gogh is a multisensory, immersive journey through the painter’s works that’s arriving in London on February 7th, and it’s promising a whole new way to look at art – partly because you’re actively invited to touch it! Get your tickets here, and read on for more info.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh
Having already proved popular in Barcelona, Beijing, and Seoul, Meet Vincent Van Gogh have now turned their attention to London and Lisbon, for a brief but spectacular art exhibition. You’ll see the painter’s works come to fruition before your eyes, as a field of golden wheat is transformed into Wheatfield with Crows, or a nighttime scene unfolds into The Starry Night.

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Meet Vincent Van Gogh
It’s been created by Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, and helps visitors around the world see paintings that are too fragile to leave their home. Whilst the paintings, rendered in high-quality visuals on massive video panels, are impressive, the show also offers insights into Van Gogh’s life, by walking visitors through his upbringing, his career in Paris and Arles, and his time in the asylum at St Remy.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh
Meet Vincent Van Gogh is extremely interactive; the artist’s narration will speak to you about his inspiration, despair, and friendships, you’ll wander through the rooms which shaped his career, and as mentioned, you’re invited to touch the artworks to get a better sense of them. This, naturally, makes it excellent for families with curious kids, who can now be unleashed upon priceless artworks without any threat of accidentally destroying them. Of course, that’s a blessing for clumsy adults too…

Find your tickets to this amazing show here.

Practical information

February 7th, 2020 to May 21st, 2020.
Adult tickets are £18.

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