Madrid Just Got A Stunning Glass Walkway Above The City, And We Want One Too

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Glass walkway

Madrid’s glass walkway has us green with envy… and frankly a little dizzy too.

As you may already know, we’ve got sister sites across Europe and North America – and whilst we’re all one big happy family, it doesn’t stop us getting insanely jealous whenever one of them gets something awesome. Witness Madrid, who’ve recently unveiled a spectacular glass walkway above the city. I know jealousy is an ugly colour, but goddamn, don’t you just want this for London?

Glass walkway
Photo: @hotelriuplazaespana

The panoramic glass walkway is the newest feature of fancy hotel RIU Plaza España, which has unsurprisingly become quite the hit amongst Madrileños. Located twenty-eight stories up, the walkway sits 117 metres above the city, which is a fair bit higher than London’s own glass walkway (ours is in a national landmark though, so we can always brag about that).

Glass walkway
Photo: @braianca

Constructed between two towers of the hotel, the walkway offers the chance for punters to stride confidently across as if they’re walking on air, or nervously totter along, doing everything except looking down. I wonder why?

Glass walkway
Photo: @victoradmet

It’s also, unsurprisingly, the new hotspot for some shameless posing.

Glass walkway
Photo: @iceliagg

The glass walkway is rather stunning by night, and it’s not even the only attraction RIU Plaza España has to offer. The 26th floor hosts a sky bar, and the 21st is home to the hotel’s outdoor pool – and yes, I know we’ve got rooftop bars and outdoor pools aplenty, but don’t tell me you don’t want this too. Who’s up for a holiday-turned-heist?

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Featured image: @raullozanoalonso

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