London’s Secret Experience

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

London’s Secret Experience

Our buddies at events app Fever got in touch with us. They said ‘we’re doing this secret experience somewhere in London that already has over 1000 attendees, are you interested in writing about it?’ After checking that our name does indeed contain the word ‘Secret’, and also the word ‘London’, we decided we would be. We had a brainstorm at Secret London HQ, and, based on the clues that they gave us, and our impressively sharp intellects, came up with a couple of ideas:

1) It’ll be somewhere cool

We don’t like to write about things that aren’t. And, judging by some of Fever’s previous events, this one will be no exception. If Cyber Cinema, The Little Yellow Door, Spirit Social and Box Park are anything to go by, they’ll have picked out a strong venue for the secret experience. Maybe south of the river.

2) It’ll be free entry

It’s free to join the event on the app, so we’re assuming it’ll be a free event. We love free so much that we see free samples at a supermarket as a challenge to create an entire meal from scratch. If you’re the same kind of shrewd thinker, you’ll be chuffed at the news that this 1000+ event will most likely be free to enter.

3) It’ll involve alcohol

As mentioned, we clubbed together our razor-sharp intellects and settled upon the fact that drinks make things more fun. So, we expect to see some at the secret experience. Probably some craft beers or funky cocktails, because they’d fit the vibe.

4) And music

We didn’t stop there in our brainstorm. On a roll, we decided that music generally makes things better too. And, our friends at Fever suggested it might be funky, so we expect DJs.

5) It could be this bank holiday

Fever haven’t officially released the date yet, but we’re banking on the long weekend. It makes a lot of sense. Join the list of attendees and receive an email in the next couple of days to find out.

6) It could be outdoors

It’s a bank holiday thing, you know? Like when a bank holiday comes around, and your dad says ‘right, barbecue time.’ Before even checking the forecast. Well, the forecast at the moment actually looks pretty good for the weekend, so it would make a lot of sense. Some street food wouldn’t go amiss either.

Anyway, those are just a few of our ideas about the event. You’ll have to join to find out more. Info will be sent out to all attendees within the next couple of days, so get clicking. Whilst you do, here’s a few more potential and very realistic ideas about what the experience might be:

a) A live Guinness world record attempt at the largest ever meatball to be consumed in public (BYO-tomato sauce).

b) The unveiling of world’s first working invisibility cloak (can’t you see it, it’s right there??)

c) A carrot darts tournament (it’s like normal darts, but all the darts are replaced with carrots).


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