London Beats Dublin, Amsterdam and Prague To The Title Of Europe’s ‘Wildest Party City’

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Remember nightclubs eh?

It feels like an age since we’ve been able to enjoy the buzzing nightlife of, *checks notes*, the wildest party city in Europe.

Yup, that’s right. A new study has found that London town is the best place in the whole of Europe for a “wild” night out. London saw off the likes of other famous party hubs Barcelona, Amsterdam and Prague to be crowned top dogs of the night.

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Now, the next thing is remembering what is so great about the cities nightlife. After all, it’s now been a year since any of us have been allowed to set foot in a London nightclub. We’re all getting pretty desperate to refresh our memories.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that when the city reunites with the nightlife it knows and loves it’s going to be a thing of beauty. And, if all goes to plan, we may not be that far away from the glorious moment. Boris Johnson’s roadmap dictates that all restrictions could be lifted by June 21, and we can safely say that, if this is upheld, London is certain to show the world why it’s just been given the title of wildest party city in Europe.

This fresh research comes from Slotsup, who gathered information on twelve European party cities to see which spot came out on top. Analysing their data, they gave each city a mark out of 800 to determine the “widest” place for a party.

London’s 548/800 was the highest score, after they found it had the largest number of casinos, hotels, concerts, nightlife facilities, outdoor activities, shows, restaurants, bars and pubs. What’s more, London scored nearly 200 points higher than the next “wildest” city, Paris, which ranked up at 368/800.

If June 21 still seems like an age away, don’t fret. On April 12, outdoor dining and beer gardens are set to be open for business. Therefore, those outdoor activities that contributed to London’s high score will be put to good use once more!

While the rest may be some time away, this is sure to be a massive boost to our “wild” city which has been locked down since December.

Here are the London nightclubs we can’t wait to get back to!

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