Secret Cinema Are Bringing A Dirty Dancing Experience To London This Summer

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Dirty Dancing

Have the time of your life at Secret Cinema’s Dirty Dancing experience

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, so it’s a pretty good thing that Secret Cinema are planning something big for summer 2021, isn’t it? The immersive cinema fiends are blasting away the 2020 blues with the triumphant return of their spectacular Dirty Dancing production, and we’ve got your tickets all lined up!

Dirty Dancing

Yep, we’re all heading back to Kellerman’s this summer, as the peerless classic once again receives the inimitable Secret Cinema treatment, following on from an enchanting run back in 2016. As the romance between Baby and Johnny blossoms on screen – complete with all the lifts, twirls, and watermelon-carrying you can handle – Secret Cinema will bring the film to life around you. The open-air screening will be accompanied by live performances, amazing sets, and cocktails beneath the summer skies.

As with all Secret Cinema shows, it’ll be taking place at an undisclosed location, all the better to keep those clandestine dance sessions hidden from disapproving eyes. The experience will once again rewrite the boundaries between performers and audience, so if you’ve got two left feet, I’d advise you to brush up on your rumba in advance (you will, I assume, be allowed to quietly sway in the corner if public performance really isn’t your thing though!).

A shot from Secret Cinema's Dirty Dancing experience in 2016.

Of course, there will be plenty more to discover on the night, but Secret Cinema are unsurprisingly keeping all that under their hats until you arrive at Kellerman’s. One thing I think we can safely assume is that dressing up and getting properly immersed in the theme is the best way to enjoy yourselves, so once you’ve nabbed some tickets, dusting off the dancing shoes is the next order of business.

Oh, and you’d best get practicing The Lift, hadn’t you?

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