The Many Magnificent Ways That London Has Trolled Trump During His State Visit

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The Many Magnificent Ways That London Has Trolled Trump During His State Visit

Thousands of protesters gathered in London today to express how extraordinarily cross they are about the President’s presence.

The march—known as the ‘Carnival of Resistance’—kicked off in Trafalgar Square this morning before making its way to Parliament Square, sweeping up plenty of angry people along the way.

Trump appeared to be oblivious to these protests, claiming he’d seen nothing but “tremendous crowds of well wishers”.

Sure Donald, yeah… I think you’ll find they well wish you weren’t here, to be honest mate.

Photo: @_aaperspective_

As always, us Londoners like to show off our creativity on protest days — and today we trolled Trump in so many excellent ways. Of course the giant Trump Baby blimp returned: an artwork so iconic that the Museum of London have said that they want to buy it as an exhibit.

Photo: @mazzon2002

Led By Donkeys—who famously create billboards with the intent to embarrass pro-Brexit politicians with past statements that appear to undermine their political position—very unsubtly projected Trump’s UK approval rating onto the Tower of London, alongside Obama’s.

Then, of course, there’s the huge 16ft statue of Trump sat on a golden toilet, which shouts “You are fake news” and “I’m a very stable genius” at anyone who walks past. Hmmm, I think we all see who the real genius is here, Donald.

Photo: @justanotherwannabephotog

Not forgetting the kid who mowed a giant cock and balls into his lawn, alongside the words “OI TRUMP”, hoping to catch his attention as he flew into London.

But, of course, the protesters deserve just as much credit. Their placards were, as ever, truly bloody fantastic. Here are just a few (okay, there are quite a lot) of our favourites:

Photo: @patrickvanommeslaeghe
Photo: @_dean80_
Photo: @andrewsimms.uk
Photo: @adrian_lourie
Photo: @trishgantphoto
Photo: @pw1967
Photo: @das_fo
Photo: @lang.adam
Photo: @twistedtwee

Re: that last image. If anyone manages to grant her wishes, please send me a copy. 😂

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