Trump Baby Will Return This June, Organisers Confirm

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Trump Baby Will Return This June, Organisers Confirm

Fly Trump Baby, fly!

In case you’ve forgotten – and really, how could you ever have done so? – a giant orange Trump Baby blimp flew over London last July, successfully crowdfunded in honour of the US President’s visit. Almost a year later, you’re probably still struggling to unsee it… in which case, this news isn’t going to help. Trump is returning to the UK from June 3rd-5th for another visit, and protest organisers have confirmed that Trump Baby will fly again.

(If you think it’s bad up in the sky, just look at it from the inside. Truly terrifying.)

Trump baby
Photo: @andyaitchison.uk

Yes, he’s back, and there might even be more shenanigans. Creator and balloon enthusiast Leo Murray told CNN “We are looking at other creative interventions we could make”, although they’ve had to nix the idea of a hot air balloon for being too expensive.

Having floated gently over every hurdle in his way last summer, Trump Baby then gained some US offshoots, who’ve taken him to various protests and marches around the US. (I’m waiting for the moment someone creates a Trump Baby version of NORAD’s Santa Tracker, so if you’re reading and have the web capability, please make it happen.)

Trump Balloon London Protest 2018
Photo: seanroberts7

Now, Lil’ Donald will get a homecoming of sorts, quite possibly with similar restrictions on how long he can fly for, where he can go, and how high he can ascend. There’s been no confirmation from Greater London Authority, who presumably won’t comment until a formal request is made by protest organisers, but having set a precedent last year, the omens look pretty positive for a repeat.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that things will turn out like that Friends episode where Underdog gets loose and floats over Manhattan, so that Donald could roam the skies of London forever like a second moon. Still, perhaps that’s too much of a good thing…

Featured image: @stephenferdinando

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