Don’t Panic, But London Might Get A Dusting Of Snow Tonight

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Snow 2018

For the first time this winter, there’s a chance of snow.

Before you start having flashbacks to the Beast from the East, however, just bear in mind that it’s an admittedly vague chance of snow. The forecast for Wednesday, February 26, is fairly unremarkable… save for this one little icon, a teasing little portent of fluffy white flakes. The BBC is positively giddy with excitement, just look!

snow weather forecast london
Image: BBC

Tantalising, isn’t it?

Looking ahead to Thursday, Met Office forecaster Matthew Box told the Evening Standard that “There is a risk of snow over north London and further north, over the Chiltern Hills.” Meanwhile, the Weather Channel has the fluffy white stuff encroaching remorselessly from the north-west over the next 48 hours.

Photo: Weather Channel

But whilst we’re happy to spin a rosy picture of wintry loveliness – something that looks like this, perhaps – the reality is that said snow is more likely to materialise as sleet.

Snow 2018
This, sadly, is likely to be a pipe dream. Photo: @adamsheath

In any case, we recommend keeping your fingers crossed for flakes – after the leaden grey skies and interminable gustiness of February thus far, it’s the least Londoon deserves, don’t you think?

Featured image: @collinsekerry

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