7 Lovely London Plant Delivery Services To Help Bring The Outside In

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

7 Lovely London Plant Delivery Services To Help Bring The Outside In

Perk things up with a pretty plant delivery!

If you’re anything like me, you are probably terrified at the prospect of being locked in your tiny London flat as you work from home for the next few weeks. But mercifully, there is one simple thing you can do, which is scientifically proven to boost your mood, your productivity and reduce your stress levels: fill your home with plants! So here is a list of London’s loveliest plant delivery services to save you from cabin fever and help you bring a breath of fresh air inside.

1. Patch

The ultimate houseplant guru, Patch will tell you everything you need to know about buying a plant for your house. Whether you’re looking for something leafy and low maintenance, or slim and hungry for sunlight, Patch will be able to provide you with the perfect plant. With a massive selection of lovely pots and plants on offer, you’ll easily be able to find something to perk up even the dreariest of corners. Click here for more.

2. Bloom & Wild

Bloom and Wild is the perfect place to procure some plants for your flat, in view of the government’s advice regarding social distancing. One of the only companies who pack fabulous flower stems into slim boxes, their bunches can be effortlessly posted through your letter box! Order online from the comfort of your flat and days later, find a box of brightness sitting on your doormat — all without having spoken to anyone! Order here. 

3. Debbie Western Flowers Ltd

Situated in south London, Debbie Western Flowers prides themselves on sourcing flowers from the best suppliers and growers both in the UK and Holland! They are able to provide next day delivery for a wide range of locations so fresh flowers are just a click away. Perfect for smaller indoor spaces, most of their products are petite in size and will easily fulfil your need for all the super-fresh feels. Find out more. 

4. Floom

Floom is a fabulous way to fill your house with flowers, and the best part is, it basically takes no effort from you. Simply enter your postcode on their site and they will show you all of the plants and arrangements available for delivery to your door. Bring the outside in with few simple clicks and why not send something to cheer up someone else’s day as well? Floom truly have perfected plant delivery. Order here. 

5. London House Plants

Spoilers: this place pretty much does what it says on the tin. London House Plants will help you fill your London house (probably flat, let’s be honest) with lovely leafy greenery. Breathe a little bit of freshness into your home by ordering an air purifying plant or block out the view of your annoying housemate with one of their absolutely massive plants! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here and with some very reasonable prices. Find out more.

6. Orchidya

If you’ve had a bit of a tough week and you feel like you deserve to treat yourself, then Orchidya is your best option. Offering a simply stunning selection of bulging bouquets, they specialise in imaginative arrangements and plant delivery direct to your doorstep. Order a big old bunch and it is sure to create an utterly uplifting atmosphere wherever you decide to place it. Find out more. 

7. The Urban Flower Co

Photo: @shinythoughts

The Urban Flower Company are undoubtedly botanical bosses when it comes to plant delivery. If you order by 3pm, you can expect not next day, but same day delivery anywhere in London! Literally ideal for all of your emergency plant needs, bringing a little bit of the outside in has never been quicker or easier. Order here.

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