London Is Officially The Best European City For Hospital Care

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It’s a triumphant result for London’s hospitals.

Another day, another reason why London is the best – isn’t it just so tiresome? Anyway, this time, we’ve emerged top of the rankings of the UK’s hospital cities, meaning that Londoners benefit from the best hospitals and the highest standard of care in the country. What’s even more impressive is, even in times of austerity and, erm, certain political distractions, London still comes out third worldwide, behind only Tokyo and Boston.


The study, undertaken by digital healthcare provider Medbelle, looked at a variety of factors, including the number of hospital beds, nurses, and surgeons, treatment efficiency, cost of medicine, and patient satisfaction. London scored highly across the board – with particularly high marks for our medical universities and world-leading hospitals – seeing off stiff competition from Cambridge and Manchester to scoop the title. You can see the full study and results here.

With institutions such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital, and Royal London Hospital (which, on a personal note, has my eternal gratitude for their top-notch treatment of someone very dear to me), Londoners have a range of hospitals that are unmatched in their fields. Plus, we benefit from the tireless work of the London Air Ambulance, who offer life-saving transport without a single penny of government funding (and if that seems as insane to you as it does to me, please donate here).

Probably the only time this (admittedly excellent) photo will be relevant, TBH.

Of course, this is to say nothing of the extraordinary work of the doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, and network of support staff that make London’s hospitals world-class. So, if you know someone who works for a London hospital, please shake their hand/buy them a drink as thanks for the unceasingly awesome work they do!

In less happy news, London also scooped the title of “most expensive public transport city” recently. Can’t win ’em all…

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