A Cocktail Village In London?! Well Hello There London Cocktail Week…

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


Move over London Fashion Week (you’re just sooooo September) there’s a new Week in town and it’s way less concerned about calorie content. Introducing London Cocktail Week, back once again to wet your whistle and tickle your tastebuds from October 5 – 11. Sounds pretty good right? Here’s what’s going on…


1. Spitalfields Market is transforming into the London Cocktail Village. 

Yup, you heard right. A whole village of cocktails. A microcosm made of mixologists. A city within a city, composed of over 30 unique pop-up bars, trucks, vans and even bicycles serving up bespoke drinks and encouraging hands-on tastings until 9.30pm every day.


And for those looking to extend their night? Up on the top floor of the market, the House of Angostura Pop Up will be throwing some pretty sweet house parties, with DJs, delicious Angostura cocktails and enough mouthwatering street food to keep you going to the (Angostura) Bitter(s) end. (Hehe).


2. The Cocktail Village is FREE to enter but a £10 wrist band opens up a WHOLE NEW WORLD. 


The cocktail kingdom is completely free to enter so you can mosey on down whenever you get the urge. But a £10 #LCW wristband will give you access to a menu of special £5 signature serves at every single pop-up.


3. Oh. And these wristbands also get you £5 cocktails in 275 of the best bars in London…


That’s a lot of top quality cocktails right there for a price basically UNHEARD of in London. With parties and pop-ups happening everywhere across the capital, you’d be pretty mad to miss out.

Wristbands can be purchased from Spitalfields Market or online at LondonCocktailWeek.com.


P.S. Secret London will also be featuring some of our own favourite bars next week at special discount prices for our readers… Put simply, if you like cocktails, you’re in for a very, very good week. 


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