A New, Film-Themed Cocktail Bar Has Opened In South London

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London Cocktail Club Clapham

It’s lights, camera, cocktails at London Cocktail Club’s new Clapham bar.

Something curious happened in Clapham this week. And no, it’s not the return of the infamous “Welcome to Wankerville” sign – although that did actually happen a few weeks ago. In fact, it was the appearance of a Hollywood-style Walk of Fame star on Clapham High Street that provided the curiosity, now marking out the latest, film-loving branch of the London Cocktail Club, which opened last week.

London Cocktail Club Clapham
Photo: @londoncocktailclub

Aiming to transport you to a galaxy far, far away whilst simultaneously ensuring your heart will go on, the London Cocktail Club have split their film loyalties across a couple of themed rooms. Their Star Wars room is modelled on the Millennium Falcon, with a nifty (albeit highly incongruous) neon proudly welcoming you to the dark side.

London Cocktail Club Clapham
Photo: @londoncocktailclub

Meanwhile, the Titantic-themed space aims to evoke Jack’s cabin, again bringing the neon-lit vibes from a sign which invites you to “draw me like one of your French girls”. Thankfully, by charting a safe course up Clapham High Street, there’s virtually no chance of this one sinking, unless climate change suddenly massively intensifies.

The two themed rooms bear the brunt of LCC Clapham’s film-loving, but film posters, props and decorations, and a Walk of Fame-style entrance all keep the theme going – whilst a rather epic happy hour runs from 5-8pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Rumours of themed cocktails also abound, but whatever you’re going to be drinking, I think we can all agree that necking a piña colada aboard the Millennium Falcon is pretty goddamn badass.

Find it at 182-184 Clapham High Street, 

Featured image: @londoncocktailclub

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