Clapham Has Been Given A Cute New Name

Clapham has undergone a subtle rebrand and it shall now be known as ‘Wankerville’.

At the end of last week, a lovely sign welcoming you to ‘Wankerville’ appeared on the rail bridge above Clapham High Street. (Header image: @directwashacked)

Photo: @andyandyletts

And, rather excellently, residents of Clapham—sorry, Wankerville—are taking it well.

@roonstergram on Instagram says “Can’t beat living in Wankerville 😂😂😂 Best graffiti I’ve ever seen. Double win in that most of us in Clapham will be like, “Yeah, that’s fine. Love it here in Wankerville.””

Photo: @roonstergram

Oh and as you exit the friendly town of Wankerville, you’ll get this polite goodbye, too:

Photo: @hbosborn

As street art goes, this is probably up there with the best. An exquisite act of vandalism, I’d say. What do you reckon?

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