45 Brilliant Livestreamed Events You Can Enjoy From Home

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45 Brilliant Livestreamed Events You Can Enjoy From Home

These excellent livestreamed events span everything from murder mysteries to cooking masterclasses.

Since you can’t really go out in the world at the moment, it’s a damn good thing the world is coming to you. With livestreamed events, virtual tours, and online games quickly filling the voids left by the coronavirus outbreak, there’s plenty to do at home – all you need is a laptop and a little imagination. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite livestreamed events for you to enjoy!

1. Unmask a killer in a thrilling online murder mystery

Sherlock Murder Mystery

A puzzling murder case really does liven up one’s lockdown, doesn’t it? Certainly beats solving the mystery of who used the last roll of toilet paper, at any rate. Strange happenings and odd situations have marked life in the palace recently, so suspicion is falling heavily on every inhabitant. The facts just don’t seem to add up, which means a person such as yourself – blessed with expertise, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to sift fact from fiction – needs to use your Sherlockian instincts solve the shocking murder of the palace butler. Tickets can be found here.

2. Bring the pub to you with this brilliant virtual craft beer tasting

Ask any Londoner what the first thing they want to do when lockdown is over, and nine times out of ten they’ll scream “PUUUUB!” in your face, like some kind of crazed monkey. There’s truly nothing quite like taking a sip of your third pint at the pub, surrounded by people you love (or at least tolerate)—but we think this online beer experience comes pretty close.

3. Investigate the inhabitants of an outrageous zoo

See Your City

Could life in Wynnewood County get any crazier? Exotic animals, drugs, and now an arson attack at the new zoo are making life pretty tricky, and the local Sheriff is calling for an online investigation with you as the lead detective. You’ll need to collect statements, sift through alibis, and tolerate some live music performances to discover whodunnit, and the results are brilliantly madcap. Find your tickets here.

4. Aim for a full house at Isolation Bingo

Livestreamed events

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Charlie Hides is hosting a series of brilliant bingo nights, with spectacular prizes on the line. Amazon gift cards, feather boas, wigs, and even luxury quilted toilet paper will go to the victors, so get your tickets here.

5. Join the Race to Mars and stop a dastardly crime

Race to Mars

The race to Mars is a perilous journey, but one intrepid space agency looked to have emerged triumphant from the scramble, with their spaceship fast approaching Mars at the time of the last transmission. However, a new broadcast has confirmed the worst: the spaceship has suffered an explosion and disappeared into the dark reaches of the galaxy. With sabotage suspected, your job is to investigate the remaining space agencies and catch the murderer before they strike again… Pick up your tickets here.

6-13. Discover something new at a brilliant live Fever Talk

Having been a big success pre-lockdown, Fever have taken their enlightening range of talks online, offering expert insights into a variety of thought-provoking subjects. Here’s what’s on offer in May!

May 10 – The Science of Dreams
May 12 – The Science of Parallel Universes
May 13 – Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression?
May 14 – How The Mind Heals The Body
May 16 – Secrets of Serial Killers
May 26 – The Psychology of Attraction
May 27 – The Science of Psychedelics
May 27The Power of Positivity

Don’t forget, you can see and book even more fabulous Fever Talks here!

14. Track London’s most notorious killer on this virtual walking tour

Livestreamed events

The good folks at See Your City love their walking tours, and they aren’t going to let a little thing like a global pandemic stop them from running them. They’ve taken their tours online, and the Jack The Ripper virtual tour has proved a chilling hit, which lets you explore the crime scenes of Whitechapel, investigate suspects, and deduce your own theory of who the murderer was. Join the tour here.

15. Say Thank You For The Music at The Amazing ABBA Quiz

ABBA quiz

Yes, the world has sent out an SOS that it needs entertaining, and our pals at Fever are here to provide it with The Amazing ABBA Quiz. You can dance, you can jive, you can answer a series of questions designed to test your knowledge of Sweden’s greatest pop band, and basically have the time of your life whilst doing so. Tickets are available here.

16. Groove the night away at this fab online house party

Livestreamed events

The party doesn’t stop when the lockdown begins – at least, not if Fever have anything to say about it! Join Europe’s best online houseparty every Saturday night, as a top-class DJ spins the decks and partygoers from across Europe throw out some shapes! Prizes are on offer for the best costumes and sharpest dance moves, so join the party here.

17. Chill out with a live candlelight concert

Livestreamed events

The beauty of livestreamed events is that you can enjoy them from anywhere in the world. And whilst Spanish guitar whizz Samuelito may be many miles away right now, his music will be filling your house very soon. He’ll be waltzing his way through spellbinding classical pieces on this candlelit livestream, and you can listen along here. Alternatively, tune into to this mellow night of music for the best of Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin.

18. Shiver at London’s macabre history on this dark virtual tour

See Your City

We love London, but there’s no denying the city’s dark, often brutal history. Thrillseekers and history buffs can join the chilling Ghouls, Ghosts, and Gallows Tour, and go in search of plague pits, haunted buildings, and other macabre locations on this excellent virtual tour. It also includes deliciously dark quizzes and games that’ll challenge anyone fascinated with the macabre. Find your tickets here, if you’re brave enough!

19. Catch a cooking masterclass at Lockdown Live

Another little partnership we’ve got going comes in the form of Lockdown Live, in which we’ve teamed up with Martell to bring up-and-coming talent from the worlds of art, music, and cooking to your Instagram feed. Each week, we’ll have someone new delighting you – next up is chef James Cochran of Islington restaurant 1251, who joins us on May 12 to cook up a platter of seriously mouthwatering Martell-glazed BBQ wings. I’m drooling already…. Sign up for free here.

20. Show off your knowledge of The Simpsons

Think you know Springfield like the back of your hand? Can you tell your Patty’s from your Selma’s? Take up the ultimate challenge with a virtual The Simpsons quiz that’ll transport you way back to the early days of the iconic show, with question rounds that’ll have you really feeling the nostalgia. Not only that, but there’s a cash prize up for grabs for one lucky winner, too. The virtual quiz will take place on May 14 and tickets cost just £10 per team – with all profits from the quiz being donated to Refuge. Get your tickets here.

21. Get your groove on with a night of disco bingo

Disco Bingo

Disco isn’t dead, and neither is bingo. In fact, the two have teamed up for an epic night of groovy tunes and spirited competition at Disco Bingo, which takes your grandma’s game, puts it online, and adds singing, dancing, and all kinds of madcap fun. Sounds like a hoot, right? Grab your tickets here to take part.

22. Sing along to your favourite show tunes at this live event

Livestreamed events

The Greatest Brunch has long been one of our favourite themed London brunches, and whilst the smashed avo and prosecco might be on hold for now, they’re still bringing the West End glamour to town. Hop on their livestream for a sing along, which will include the odd special guest from London’s best West End shows. It’s the best show to ever grace your living room, so get your tickets here.

23. Fill your lockdown with colour at this online art class

Livestreamed events

Is there any activity more wholesome than colouring? Join a friendly colouring community during lockdown, for a day of creativity and music that’ll hopefully result in a new masterpiece to adorn your walls. Tickets can be found here.

24. Try the grooviest downward dog possible at an online disco yoga class

Livestreamed events

Cult fitness class Disco Yoga has gone online, as dancing queen and Disco Yoga founder Sarah Hunt takes you through a glitzy yoga session – assisted by the musical stylings of DJ Darlo. Find your tickets here.

25. Catch these star-studded online National Theatre productions

Photo: @nationaltheatre

The National Theatre – and their wonderful National Theatre at Home programme – has quickly emerged as one of the saving graces of lockdown, and they’ve got another couple of excellent shows lined up for May. The return of the theatre’s dazzling 2018 Antony and Cleopatra, featuring Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo, is available right now, and plenty more shows are lined up for the future. You can see Barber Shop Chronicles on May 14, catch Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire on May 21, enjoy political drama in This House on May 28, and watch Tom Hiddleston tackle Coriolanus on June 4. Read all about them here.

26. Spice up your life with an online Indian cooking class

Livestreamed events

The best intentions to create new and exciting dishes each week may have fallen by the wayside now, which is the perfect reason to pick up some tips from a professional. You’ll learn to create a mouthwatering two-course meal inspired by the cuisine of North India at this cooking class, and you can grab some tickets here.

27. Prove your knowledge of fairytales with this magical quiz


Can you name the seven dwarves, or recite all the words to A Whole New World? You’ll be a dab hand at this magical quiz, then, with amazing themed prizes on offer (sadly, they do not include an enchanted castle). Tickets are available here.

28. Rove amongst the roses at the first-ever virtual RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

History will be made this month, as the Chelsea Flower Show – the Met Gala of the horticultural world – heads online for the first time ever. Running from May 18-23, the virtual festival will feature behind-the-scenes tours, gardening tips, and enlightening Q&A sessions. Find out more here.

29. Become a burlesque star with this online class

Livestreamed events

It’s the perfect time to learn a new skill, and if you’ve always fancied trying your hand at burlesque, we’ve got the perfect option for you! This excellent online workshop offers you a one-on-one session with an international burlesque performer from Pandora’s Door, who’ll offer tips and guidance to help perfect your moves and look. Plus, you’ll get a neat discount on their future burlesque shows. Join in here.

30. Design a new look at this burlesque costume making workshop

Livestreamed events

Of course, if you’re to tackle an online burlesque class, you’ll probably want a showstopping costume to go with it, right? Thankfully, this online workshop will have you snipping, sprucing, and bedazzling the perfect outfit, including pasties and accessories. Reserve your spot here.

31. Prepare to be dazzled by a night of That’s Drag Bingo

Livestreamed events

For bingo with a brilliant drag twist, try your hand at That’s Drag Bingo, where the highlight is a curious challenge called ‘Lip-Sync for Your Sanity’. Tickets can be found here.

32. Learn baking tips from a former Bake-Off contestant


Who amongst us hasn’t turned their hand to baking to nourish the soul and while away the hours? Helpfully, you’re about to get some expert guidance from former Bake-Off contestant Howard Middleton, who’ll be teaching you how to create (and rapidly consume) the perfect jammie dodger. Tickets are available here.

33. Quaff wonderful wines at these virtual tasting sessions

Borough Wines

Whether you’d like to be a little more informed about the vintages you’ve been drinking all these years, or you’d just like another reason to drink your way through lockdown, these Borough Wines tasting sessions will help you become a wine connoisseur in no time. Sign up for a session here.

34. Get mystical with The Big Fat Fantasy Quiz

Livestreamed events

Immersive yourself in an alternate world with The Big Fat Fantasy Quiz, themed around all things fantasy and sci-fi and perfect for fans of all the popular fictional universes. It’s all for a good cause too, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to the Coronavirus crisis. Get your wizard hats on this May 16 and assemble your team, as the quiz will focus on some of the biggest sci-fi and fantasy series/films of the last decade. Dust off your knowledge to be in to win and pick up your tickets here for just £5.

35. Brush up your cooking skills with Waga Wednesdays

Sweet Christmas I’m missing katsu curry right about now. Luckily, Wagamama are looking out for your poor palates, and will be hosting live cooking classes on their social media feeds during the lockdown, teaching you the secrets of their best-loved dishes. Read all about it here.

36. Wander round London’s most magical film locations

Livestreamed events

Another gem from the See Your City crew, this tour will whisk you round the London locations that have made an appearance in the greatest films of all time. Games and trivia quizzes just add to the fun, which is perfect for all the family; book yourself a spot here.

37. Tune into an evening of musical bingo

Livestreamed events

At a Musical Bingo night, you’re listening out for songs rather than numbers, and when I say songs, I mean Absolute Bangers. Themed sessions include Broadway Bingo, Britney Bingo, and ABBA Bingo, so choose your session and get ready for an unforgettable night! Tickets available here.

38. Put a little pizzazz into lockdown with this fabulous online musical brunch

Six weeks into lockdown, and I’m really starting to feel the loss of the West End, amongst other things. Thankfully, London’s musical-loving themed brunch is aiming to bring the West End to you at the moment, as they’ve moved the party online. West End Musical Brunch brings the stars directly to your home, and with parties running throughout May, now is the perfect time to grab your ticket.

39. Marvel at the Northern Lights

Wanderlust doesn’t exactly fade when you can’t leave the house, but there is a nifty little solution by which you can see a little more of the world. A camera feed in northern Manitoba, Canada, streams the Northern Lights whenever they appear – find out more here.

40. Check out Scotland’s darkest secrets on a chilling tour

Livestreamed events

Why confine your virtual wanderings to London? See Your City are also running virtual tours of Scotland’s spookiest locations, where cannibals and witches were said to roam. Perfect for those amongst us who fancy a one-hour city break with a macabre edge. Get your tickets to that here.

41. Be amazed by a night of magic, mind reading, and comedy

Livestreamed events

You’ve got to have some serious skills to join The Inner Magic Circle, so expect magician Alan Hudson to put on a spellbinding show. Mind reading and magic are on the cards here, although said cards might be made to do some jaw-dropping tricks by the evening’s end. Find your tickets here.

42. Go for glory with BucketRace Lockdown’s epic challenges

Livestreamed events

The premise is simple: you’ll be given a list of increasingly daft challenges, and two hours in which to complete them all. Tackle everything from building a tower of cards to choreographing your own pillow fight, and know that eternal glory (and commemorative t-shirts!) await the winners. Sign up here.

43. Be enchanted by the RSC’s former Shakespeare productions

Royal Shakespeare Company

Two of our favourite acronyms are teaming up, as the RSC has put six of their most beloved past shows on BBC iPlayer to celebrate Shakespeare’s recent birthday. You’ll be able to catch recent productions of Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and more, with stars such as Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack featuring. See more here.

44. Smash your fitness goals with a one-to-one training session

SK Personal Training are offering a lovely discount on their bespoke personal training sessions, which put you one-on-one with your instructor. They’ll offer motivation, guidance, and tips to keep your training plan on point, and sessions start from as little as £15. You can find them here.

45. Embrace the magic of cinema with these star-studded film nights

Lionsgate Live

Lionsgate Live aims to recapture the magic of cinema even whilst in lockdown, and raise money for NHS and film charities at the same time. They’ve already streamed La La Land, and now Lionsgate UK are bringing Eddie The Eagle (May 9), Bend It Like Beckham (May 16), and The Hunger Games (May 23) on their YouTube channel at 6pm each Saturday. Celebrity hosts such as Jack Whitehall and Jonathan Ross will be on hand to help out, and they’re aiming to raise money for two wonderful charities at the same time. Learn more here.

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