Wagamama Are Launching A Live Cooking Channel Called ‘Waga Wednesdays’

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Wagamama Are Launching A Live Cooking Channel Called ‘Waga Wednesdays’

Ever wanted to learn how to whip up your own mean, spicy ramen in no time?

You’ve probably dined on a katsu curry at Wagamama (or on your sofa with a takeaway) countless times. Each time, like me, it has probably occurred to you that you’d quite happily eat this every day. Maybe you even vowed to learn the fine details of the immaculate pan-Asian cuisine yourself? [Featured Image: Wagamama, Instagram]

Well, now there’s no excuse for not getting round to it. We’re all shut inside and Wagamama has launched a cooking masterclass channel. Every Wednesday, the popular chain will go live on social media and teach viewers the art of their heavenly recipes. Wagamama has suitably named this “Waga Wednesdays”.

The videos—streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram—will show Wagamama’s executive chef Mangleshot demonstrating how to prepare their classic dishes. These will include katsu curry, gyoza, yaki soba and more.

Not sure about you, but I don’t think I’ll ever find an excuse not to make those mouthwatering duck gyoza. It’s my trademark dish now. Gyoza also happens to be the first video of the series, airing on Wednesday (8 April), along with a katsu curry tutorial. The gold-dust recipe has already been posted with a promo video, so you can nab all the ingredients in time. None of them include toilet roll, so shops might actually be okay for stock!

Waga Wednesdays is completely free and, following this, Wagamama will be running a cookery challenge each Friday for some of their excellent dishes. Wagamama and Steve Mangleshot have already had some fun during the quarantine with their “wok from home” Instagram story requests.

Think of all the lockdown meals you can gorge on after taking these free classes. You’ll soon be an expert. Just try not to drool on your ingredients while watching the tutorials.

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