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Linnaean combines the best of food, beauty, and wellness.

Chalk this up as a second win for Carl Linnaeus: not only does he have binomial nomenclature to secure his legacy, but he’s now got an ultra-cute wellness cafe in Nine Elms to his name. Linnaean is a proverbial smorgasbord of lovely things, focusing on nutrition, wellness, and beauty – and yes, it’s also insanely pretty to look at. Better still, they’ve got a three-course bottomless brunch we reckon you’re going to love, for which you can find tickets here.


Described as “a unique environment for curious bodies and open minds to consciously nourish, adapt and grow”, Linnaean takes a holistic approach to living one’s best life. Located in Embassy Gardens – a development which also features this incredible floating sky pool – the cafe/wellness centre aims to take care of you from head to toe.


Let’s start with the head; Linnaean is home to an in-house salon that aims to make innovation its hallmark, whether that be via new colour technologies or through an award-winning team. Excellent haircare sits alongside salon treatments, with grooming, beauty, and nailcare all on offer here. There’s also a shop focusing on holistic lifestyle practices, which will no doubt kit you out with everything you need to live a more centred life.

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Of course, we’re here for the food, and there’s where that excellent bottomless brunch comes into play. Linnaean’s commitment to wellness and nutrition means that vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, gluten-free, and dairy-free folks will all find something amazing here. The three course brunch menu features dishes such as matcha pancakes, scrambled tofu on sourdough bread, and homemade cakes, which means you’re definitely not leaving here anything less than stuffed. You’re probably not going to be leaving here entirely sober, either, since the brunch also comes with two and a half hours of bottomless vegan prosecco, gin coolers, or Bloody Marys… Find your tickets here.


Yes, health and wellness is definitely all well and good, but what’s the point if you can’t treat yourself once in a while?

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