Swimmers Took To London’s Incredible ‘Floating’ Pool Over The Weekend And It Looked Terrifying

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Swimmers Took To London’s Incredible ‘Floating’ Pool Over The Weekend And It Looked Terrifying

That’s right, Embassy Gardens’ legendary Sky Pool is really open!

We’ve been teased with this elusive sky pool for a couple of years now, and I’m not sure anyone believed it would actually happen. But the pool has been built, shipped over from Colorado, hoisted into place, and filled with water, and swimmers have been spotted finally enjoying it. [Featured image: Embassy Gardens]

And, not going to lie to you guys, it looks pretty damn scary by the looks of things. Anyone with a fear of heights may want to look away…

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Swimmers took to the spanking new spot over the bank holiday weekend as Britain enjoyed its hottest day of 2021 so far.

Embassy Gardens’ 25-metre sky pool links two residential buildings in London’s Nine Elms, floating 10 storeys above ground. The totally transparent pool—made entirely from acrylic—has had a number of tests and treatments to ensure its safety, and was installed by a dedicated team of architects, engineers and consultants.

Photo: Embassy Gardens

To place this pool between two buildings requires innovation on an altogether different level – and as you can see from the pictures, it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake putting it in place.

Sky Pool
Photo: Justin Tallis / AFP

The process to build and install the world’s first transparent Sky Pool has been a long one, made even longer due to delays from the coronavirus pandemic. It was originally scheduled to open last summer, but will now open next month with a splashy (not sorry) opening party featuring synchronised swimmers and radio DJ Ronan Kemp.

Photo: Embassy Gardens

As with a luxury development like this, there is of course a catch. What we’ve failed to mention until now is that you’ll have to be a resident of Embassy Gardens to actually use the pool — which is a bit of a kick in the nuts, to be honest. But hey, if you’ve got a spare £900,000 lying around then maybe you should consider moving in and getting to use the pool for free? Check out the building’s apartments here. For the rest of us poor souls, I guess we’ll just look enviously to the sky…

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