A Series Of Colourful Artworks Is Popping Up In King’s Cross

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

A Series Of Colourful Artworks Is Popping Up In King’s Cross

Granary Square in King’s Cross has had a colourful summer makeover.

Summer has arrived in London (albeit with a little bit of rain), and the city is once again bursting with life and colour — quite literally. King’s Cross is joining in on the summer mood, as a series of colourful art installations is set to grace the neighborhood over the next six months. British Argentine-Japanese artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman will turn the area into their personal creative playground with multiple artworks in the pipeline, and their first masterpiece has already arrived: ‘Proud Little Pyramid’ — which, if you’ve seen it, is not so little — has arose from the ground in Granary Square, sparking joy in curious passersby.

Photo: John Nguyen/PA Wire

The 31ft pyramid is designed to monumentalise joy after such a difficult year, and the artist’s six-month residency kicked off right at the end of Pride Month, symbolising inclusion. Furman’s artistic vision is to decorate and improve public spaces, help break down social barriers, and improve people’s everyday lives. The structure can be found at the entrance of Coal Drops Yard, and has communal seating integrated into its base, making it a lovely pit stop for pedestrians.

Photo: John Sturrock

Furman explains: “I bring equal parts pleasure, colour and joy, as well as critical consideration, reflection and depth to everything I am lucky enough to be involved in. My designs are always approachable, taking inspiration from a passionate and lifelong exploration of the themes of colour, form and ornament as a political-aesthetic project, with my objects, artwork, spaces & installations invariably being embodiments of the diasporic, fluid & roaming cultures that continue to surround me.”

As part of the project, Furman will also launch a series of pop-up retail experiences, as well as in-person and virtual events. Stay tuned for more of their art installations in the area, and stay up to date on Adam’s Instagram page.

You can find even more colourful art over on the Greenwich Peninsula.