Upbeat Romeo and Juliet Sequel ‘& Juliet’ Is Coming To London This Autumn

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& Juliet

There’s life after Romeo in & Juliet – and what a life it is!

Life is full of what ifs. What if you’d gone travelling instead of taking that job, got back together with an old flame, or simply taken the longer route to work rather than stupidly hop on the Central line. Literature too, is full of what ifs – and the greatest of all is “what if Romeo and Juliet had survived?”. Aiming to answer (half) that question is upcoming West End musical & Juliet, which imagines a future in which a very much alive Juliet heads off into the sunset, backed by an array of pop bangers. Oh, and your tickets are available here!

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& Juliet
Photo: @julietmusical

& Juliet starts thusly: in the final scene of Romeo & Juliet, “Juliet picks up the dagger and… gets a life.” From there, it’s a riotous romp through the untold story of Juliet, fully in control of her destiny and making her own rules. And because it’s a jukebox musical, that story is backed by embarrassment of pop riches, including tunes from Katy Perry, Backstreets Boys, Britney Spears, and The Weeknd.

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& Juliet
Photo: @julietmusical

It’s witty, it’s irreverent, it’s a gloriously offbeat reimagining of one’s of literature’s best-known tales. You’ll find & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theatre on November 2nd, and at long last, you won’t need to wonder “what if?” anymore…

Find your tickets to & Juliet here.

Featured image: @julietmusical

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