This Alpine-Themed Brunch Serves Bottomless Champagne And Fondue

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This Alpine-Themed Brunch Serves Bottomless Champagne And Fondue

This swish Swiss bottomless brunch will fill you with the three Cs.

Soho restaurant, Heritage, has created the ultimate buffet brunch, featuring the ultimate trio: cheese, chocolate and Champagne.

As you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a classic cheese fondue prepared at your table. You’re then left to fill your faces with as much food as you fancy from three different food stations: the Raclette Station, the Charbonnade Station and, in a whole league of its own, the 4ft tall, 12-tiered chocolate fountain.

The Raclette Station will feature a huge Swiss cheese wheel that bubbles beneath an open flame. Chefs will be on hand to smother your plate in cheese, coating all your favourite things—think potatoes, pickles and cured meats—in delicious melty cheese.

The Charbonnade Station utilises Heritage’s signature handmade copper grill, which is loaded up with charcoal to cook up all sorts of incredible meats, veg and seafood.

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Finally, there’s the Chocolate Fountain station, which boasts two separate blends of fine Swiss chocolate (dark and white), each waterfalling at the optimum temperature ready to cover various fruits and homemade treats.

And all that before we’ve even mentioned the Champagne! Yeah, there’ll be lots of that, too.


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The restaurant itself oozes aprés-ski vibes with its alpine interiors and in-house DJs. The brunch takes place every Sunday from January 26, and costs £42pp (+ £30 for bottomless Champagne). Book your table here.

Expect to leave tipsy and cheese drunk – and, if you want our advice, make sure the only plans you have for the rest of the day are with your sofa.

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