A Chic New Cocktail Bar Is Launching In A Waterloo Basement • The Cockatiel Club

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Let us introduce you to the latest member of the Darling family: The Cockatiel Club!

If you know your stuff, particularly when it comes to the London food scene, you probably will have heard of Hello Darling by now – the wonderfully wild Waterloo restaurant, where guests are invited to dine ‘inside a work of art’.

Darling House
The house party-style bar above The Cockatiel Club and Hello Darling: Darling House.

Hidden just above the restaurant, Darling House was next to join the crowd – the ‘press for prosecco’ house party-style bar; fitted with a tiger’s head and four poster beds, a library, a lounge, a kitchen and a bathtub.


Next to come is the bottom layer of this sandwich, and those of you who are already a fan of the party palace’s decadent decor will absolutely love the new basement bar beneath: Cockatiel Club.

hello-darling-cocktail-clubThe newest addition to Darling & Edge’s line-up of eccentric and original drinking and dining destinations has equally exuberant flair.


This November, Cockatiel Club will open its doors as a new whimsical cocktail club, where you will forget the real world ever existed, and keep the party going all night long.


Head through the doors of Hello Darling’s iconic façade before descending to this sumptuous drinking den, where you can expect an intimate bar boasting glossy black interiors, exuberant animal print upholstery and a ceiling of mirrors.

Cocktail: The Phenix.

The drinks menu will bring you some exciting winter cocktails, each named after a different bird. Make sure to try the mystical Phenix, a sweet combination of Amaretto, whiskey and brandy with chocolate and burnt orange bitters. Alternatively, keep it cool and classy, with champagne on ice ready for nights of glamorous indulgence.

The entrance to Hello Darling, Darling House and The Cockatiel Club. Photo: @bei.bei.wei

The distinctive vision of Darling & Edge is yet to fail us so far, and this new instalment certainly doesn’t break their trend of being the trendiest. So, if you’re looking for a new space for you and your chicks to stay chic, head to The Cockatiel Club for a night of luxury.

Practical information

Opens Friday 15 November // Will be open Monday to Saturday from 5pm until midnight.
Free entry! Space for 60 guests and available for private hire for an intimate party.

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